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Friday, August 17, 2012

Link Challenge Reveal

Charming Peggy of Charmbarn was kind to offer an incentive. She had acrylic links half of us got black and others tortoise shell. We were to create jewelry pieces with these links. There will be a vote and the winner will receive a gift certificate. Voting ends August 27th.

I was part of the group who received black links. Today is the reveal of the projects we created. Stop by and check out the pieces we all created. Don't forget to vote!

Here are the links.... and the necklace I created with wire wrapped silver beads and silver chain. It was fun working with these links and I hope to domore projects with them soon.

Celebrate Life! Create some happiness....

And here is the list of the rest of the participants, be sure to check out what they made:

Shelley Graham Turner -

Miranda Ackerley -

Kay Thomerson - KayzKreationz (you are here)

Denielle Hagerman -

Michelle Andrade - Micheladas Musings

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party-6, 2nd Reveal

Well the wonderful three part event is now in it's second phase. We are at the second course of our three course meal of yummy decadence of jewelry design. The point of the soup is to send beads and findings to and receive beads and findings from a person we don't know and has been selected for us. We then make jewelry - stretching our skill sets - working with items and styles we may never have before. We share the adventure and blog about and hop to see what everyone has come up with and to ooh and ahh. Please join in this next chapter of this event.

The 2nd Reveal, BSBP-6 is under way - don't miss this opportunity to follow many more talented people. You followed the first reveal, trust that the second and third will be well worth the time. Grab your beverage of choice and snack food, if you want any - and enjoy the hopping. I know I will. 

Pre-order your copy today!
Thanks again to Lori Anderson for hosting and organizing this event. There is so much that goes into this event. If you like what you see and are impressed with the BSBP-6 let Lori know.

JOIN her "Pretty Things" blog. Check out her book too! It can be pre-ordered through the blog. Stay informed and enjoy learning more of what you already love. Connect with many others who share your passion - jump in if you dare!

Do what you love - Love what you do - Celebrate Life with all that you do... Happy Creating!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wonderful Pantone Fall Soup Giveaway!

Skye of Creative Chaos has an awesome giveaway going on until the last Friday of the month.... It is a wonderful Fall Colored Bead Soup inspired by both Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party - 6 and Blog - Pantone Colors for Fall 2012.

Here is the color chart....

and the soup....                


Had to share - now go, enter, and share! Good luck - and be sure to share pics of what these yummy beads inspire!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Here is the link for the auction/fundraising event for...            1st Leut. Rimpf    

Just click on the album link to open the thumbnails and open them as you wish. this way you can see everything and not have to click all 300+ wonderful craft items and risk missing anything! See it all then pick what you like... please be generous, it is for a very worthy cause. Thank -you and enjoy the auction...!/media/set/?set=a.173936719407073.41100.135067406627338&type=1

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The best giveaway ever!

I just love Lori Anderson! She is constantly offering opportunities to stretch our limits and encourage growth. She has yet come up with another awesome giveaway! Here's the link! Good Luck everyone and Congrats to the winner who will be announced on Monday! Here's the link for the giveaway: 

Doesn't this look just like fabulous fun waiting to happen?!?

I can think of the wonderful things I would do with these items - I can't wait to see who wins... I'll keep you updated!

Happy Creating - Whatever you do - give it your all!