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Friday, July 27, 2012

Is it Soup Yet??? Why Yes, It Is Finally Ready...

I know how hard it is to wait... I can remember always being filled with anticipation on road trips, at meal times, birthdays and holidays, and waiting for someone to open a gift from me. I am yet again in that mental state, the same anticipation and wonder as I get ready to reveal my creations and see what others have created.

We have all hand selected items for our partners to use/not use at their discretion as well as created pieces with items that were carefully selected for us to do the same. The moment of truth, to be revealed, as we ooh and ahh over the creativity of others and hope that our works will be well received, and that our partners will be pleased with how we used the carefully selected items - possibly in ways differently than they would have. All in all, stretching all of us - our skills, our thought processes, our creativity, and willingness to think outside of the box - our comfort zones.

We all learn from each other and enrich each other with what we bring to the table as we feast on the wonderful soups and the three courses as they are revealed. I am honored and humbled to be offering a small part of the first course - the first reveal, and hope you enjoy the party as much as I do. Enjoy the feast...

I will now reveal my offerings and include the processes I went through with each.

First, a refresher of what ingredients inspired the creating of these pieces...

I was interested in making sure that the colors I used in metals enhanced the colors in the wonderful Resin Pendant that my partner Cory Tompkins made. I had to be sure it didn't take anything away from the crystals in the soup either.

 I enjoyed the journey with this piece, it literally jumped from my fingers into fruition.
The filigree balls were what seemed to be perfect things to use as connectors for the multi-layered body of the necklace to the neck chain.

I knew only that these beads, this pendant, and this chain all belonged together. The rest was up to me to see that they did so in a pleasing manner. I hope you like it... I am pleased with how it turned out.

These pieces that I've made are all items that are being donated to two fundraisers that are very important to me. One to help fund the expenses of a kidney transplant. The other to help provide a safe home and devices needed for a wounded soldier who has found himself a double amputee. 

Earrings are a neccessity and those that are of a complementary - contrast variety are absolutely imperative. These accent the floral print in the pendant and are great with it or alone...

 This bracelet, literally just made itself in the middle of the night. The crystals were screaming for a setting of their own and fell into a tangled weave of wire. As it was forming it reminded me of dew on a leaf. The band is a pleasant weave as well with the ends scrolled.

The copper toggle clasp seemed at home with this piece. The links in aventurine reminded me of peas and so the pea pod focal was born. Then there was nothing left to do but make the double strand chain, a fine wire crochet rope.

Finally there was still a porcelain leaf and some remaining beads that demanded my attention. I just happened to have some acrylic links that were close in color and some brass patterned wire left to fashion some links and a hook clasp.

I established the pattern and added some chain for around the back and added the handmade clasp - the leaf was at home and another necklace was born...
As you can see, I had quite a bit of fun. It was a priveledge and honor to be a participant in BSBP6 - my first ever! I am grateful to the other participants, my inspiration and partner Cory Tompkins, and our host and a new friend Lori Anderson, to whom I am grateful for such an awesome opportunity for growth and service. Enjoy the yumminess, join me on the hopping!

Here they are - the other contributors to this lovely feast! You really need to partake of their creations - such lovely and talented people...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last Piece for Bead Soup Blog Party 6 Reveal

My final project made from Bead Soup ingredients.... I am excited for tomorrow's reveal! I await with anticipation wondering how my creations will be received... mostly, will my partner will be pleased with the meal presented(the pieces designed)from the soup mix she so carefully prepared. I am excited to share with those who have followed me and love the comradarie of sharing with all the other designers in the party. Can't wait to get hopping from blog to blog to see what other designers have come up with from their soup mixes. I hope, if nothing else - that I at least can bring some smiles... Happy Blog Hopping and oogling yummies! Keep your creative juices flowing and your talents growing - Happy Creating!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here is one more piece from the Bountiful Bead Soup! My program is acting up I may not get the other pieces up before the reveal but they will be posted. I will be donating all of these pieces and afew from other challenges to two different auctions that are to benefit a friend in need of a Kidney transplant and for a soldier who is left a double amputee, who needs a safe and accessible home environment after all of his surgeries and his release to his family's care. I will post links for these auctions soon.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bead Soup Reveal 1 - Approaching Soon!

This is the first piece that came from my soup mix... It just flowed from my fingers and became on its own.
The remainder of the soup mix screamed at me to continue partaking of the yumminess and to continue creating... this was what came next.
This was a joy in the making and a complete surprise - it was a middle of the night baby... There are more I will post in a few days... with such a bountiful soup creativity had no choice but to abound. All will be revealed on the 28th... and the blog hopping will begin. Keep creating and sharing the love along the way.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hey bead soupers... here's a giveaway that could help round out some of your soup projects... it's worth a look :)

Some pretty cool stuff in the box...

Beads, Beads, Beads,and More Beads... Soups On!

I am so happy with my wonderful Bead Soup ingredients... Words cannot say how wonderful it is - so I will have to show you the package and the contents and let the pictures do the talking... Everything from the careful selection, packaging, and my partner's generosity all inspire me to allow the components to tell me what they want to be. Thanks Cory of Tealwater Designs

The ribbon is off, anticipation is mounting...
Such a pretty box...

Hands are trembling, I am too excited!
Such beauty and lots of possibilities...

So many prettys - where do I start???

Among the ingredients are: Lucite - buttercups, and pendant, copper filigree beads, aventurine, metalic glass beads,  resin pendant, assorted colored crystals - faceted oval, faceted rounds, and bicones, toggles - silver and copper, porcelain - flowers and leaf pendant...

Makes for a yummy soup!

                                                  Awesome focals... and she made the resin one!
Beautiful Silver Toggle...
Wonderful Copper Toggle...
Terrific accents...
These are fun complementary accents...                   
The main components...

Can you tell how I feel about my soup??

I will keep you posted to progress, as it develops and share pics after the reveal on July 28th!

Happy crafting! Follow the bliss!
Yes, another giveaway entry! I am on a roll and just can't seem to help myself.... there are just awesome giveaways lately and I don't want to be stingy and not share... MirandAck Arts is hosting a Grand Opening Giveaway! Diane Fitzgerald’s Favorite Beading Projects this is promised to be "the best pattern book" with rich, colorful designs. I would love to have a copy myself. She has a knack for taking the most complex and breaking it down for those with the most basic of skills.
You can check out the giveaway at: 

Good Luck!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I just entered some awesome giveaways and had to pass the opportunity on... Good Luck!

Below are some links to two giveaways of Nicole's BeadBacking (NBB) one hosted by Nicole herself and the other Sarah of Saturday Sequins... Good Luck!

Here's another... drum roll please... Lori Anderson of  Pretty Things and creator and hostess of  BSBP, and all around awesome lady. You can glean much information and gain comradarie from her facebook page  Facebook group Bead Soup Cafe. Here's her giveaway link...

 You can't go wrong with any of these. Win or not you will come out ahead with newfriends and loving support.

Happy Crafting! Do whatever you do with all of your heart and honest effort and the beauty is bound to shine through.

- Jami, CelebratingLife!

Friday, July 6, 2012

A work in progress...

I am working on ornament covers. I have seed beads and crystals that needed to become something, so here they are, becoming as I create. I have been seeing these ornaments in Bead & Button Magazine for a few months now. I see them and think, "I can do that!" Well, my beads were calling me and the idea taunting me, so I had to try at least one... This is my journey with the project.

Round 1
Here is the first round on my beading mat with some of the rounds, rondelles, faceted rounds, and triangle seed beads chosen for the project.

Round 2

I decided I needed a form to prevent tangling.



The beginnings of the collar and the collar prepped to join to the body.

I decided to use a funnel to somewhat keep desired shape and prevent a mess or damage to the project.

The funnel worked quite well for this step. I was able to keep track of my progress with no fumbling and could see results too. I only wish it didn't have the  grab tab on it, it did snag once in awhile. Next time, if a funnel is used, it won't have a tab or handle... anywhere.


Finishing up this step, I was hoping for something more rounded and taller. I still have fringe to add... will see what I have. My huband likes them for lamp shades instead of ornament bulbs, lol! The shape of the funnel aided in that perception of the project at this stage.


                                      I placed the funnel on a 16-oz bottle for height.

I removed the funnel once I got a decent amount of fringe on - I switched to a taller 1-liter bottle besides.

My hubby thinks I should use this one to adorn a lamp. With the shape of the funnel it does look like these could make decent lamp shade ornaments.

So, if anyone would like to know step by step how this is done feel free to contact me, I'll be glad to help.

Happy Beading!

 - Jami

4 HIS GLORY CREATIONS BY CJ: As you can plainly see I have a lot of stash.  Mo...

As you can plainly see I have a lot of stash.  Mo...
: As you can plainly see I have a lot of stash.  More than I will ever need in my lifetime, so bloggers invite your beady friends to check...

A definite must see, enter the giveaway while you're there - hot, hot, Hot!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beads... They Are A-Comin'... Bead Soup - Yummy!

The Bead Soup Blog Party(BSBP) is well on its way. Today was the day beads should have been sent out, especially for the beaders in the first reveal. Excitement is in the air and anticipation of the possibilites simmering in our Bead Soups... a focal bead or pendant, some complimentary beads and a closure all picked by another, specifically for us.

For those of us in the first reveal on 7/28, we are getting antsy as we await the beads to begin our creations with what our partners selected for us. We also are anticipating the responses to what we've selected for them and what delicious creations they will conjure up.

It is a challange and honor to stretch our limits and work out of comfort zones. With the bead soups we may work with elements we are not used to working with. We may push others to do the same. There is no pressure, unless time frames stress you out, only creativity, encouragement, and inspiration from the other BSBP participants. I also know and value the same support from friends, family, and internet buddies.

After the reveal we will be hopping from blog to blog to see the creations of other party goers. We will share our comments and learn from one another... nothing better than common growth. It is good to know that though we will be on many different levels of skill, we will help each other and cheer each other on, then celebrate one another's successes.

I will share it all with you as it unfolds and share pictures as I can.

Happy Beading All!
 - Jami