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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Feel Good Place...

I thought I would write about that wonderful place we can find ourselves in when all is right with the world - the "feel good" place. I am finding myself there more and more often as my Jewelry and Handmade Gift Shop are allowing me a creative outlet that I can use to also give back to the community and to charities that are near and dear to my heart. I have been able to use my jewelry as a means to raise funds for some worthwhile causes. I feel good knowing that I can help - even in such a small way. It allows me to celebrate life on yet another level. We can celebrate the fight that is in all of us for survival and the wonder we have for life. By supporting charities and our local communities through the sales of our crafts and our purchases of other handmade artisans, we can also generate an income that not only supports us; but also stimulates the economy of our local communities and our country. It really is better handmade - made with love. Let's tell everyone to support local handmade artisans!

Cause Awareness Ribbon Jewelry

I have gotten great response with these items and will  be adding necklaces and bracelets to these causes...

Breast Cancer, Brain Injury, MS(Multiple Sclerosis) and Alzheimer's Earrings - All at $10 each with 20% going to the charity represented...

    Breast Cancer         Brain Injury             MS            Alzheimer's

"Child's Play" - Jewelry for Ronald McDonald House

I just started this line and I am quite excited about it! This line of jewelry is for children or for the young at heart. I design whimsical light-hearted themed jewelry that can be worn safely by anyone. The  Ronald McDonald House will receive 20% of the proceeds from any sales in this line. I can't wait to develop more designs to devote this line. Here is the first of many designs to be in this line.

Butterflies on Puzzle Pieces... joined by colored chain and lobster clasps $10

"Green Bling" - Jewelry for JDRF

I have a fun and exciting way to reduce waste and help fund research toward a cure for diabetes! I fashion jewelry out of re-puposed plastic drinking bottles and remnant yarns and threads. All of the bottle gets used, even the lids get used to make tiny pin cushions. This project pleases me because there is less waste going to the landfills, money being raised for JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, through the sales of this jewelry and the tiny pin cushions, and the end product allows someone to support a cause while wearing "green bling".  JDRF gets 100% proceeds because all materials are donated, so I donate my time. Below are some examples.
 Bangle Bracelets              Lizard Necklace                 Tiny Pin Cushions
      $5 each                           $5 each                               $1 each

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We cherish our relationships with our friends and family. I would like to provide a place for people to share their journeys, ups and downs and surviving that which was thought impossible. The human spirit and it's resilience is worth celebration. So feel free to post and read other posts as we share in each other's celebrations.

One way I celebrate the people in my life is with homemade gifts - I like to sew, quilt, knit, crochet, make jewelry, just about anything that's produces a gift with a practical use. I have even been known to give scrapbooks... whatever, anything goes... at least they know it was made and given in love.

I also create handmade gifts, to help others that have time or talent issues give a gift made with love. I have online shops on etsy- on artfire- and am setting up on kaboodle. Feel free to stop by and see what you can see and share the love...