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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Haberdashery and All that Jazz...

Thank you Melissa for such a fun blog hop! This was a welcomed walk down memory lane as I rummaged through bias tape, edging cord, buttons and baubles. I remember countless hours measuring remnants and labeling or writing contents on envelopes because "we never knew when we might have a need for that item one day." Gran was right. Somehow, we always did, and we always knew where to find it.

In honor of that waste not want not spirit and for Haberdashery everywhere; though I added remnants of wire and chain too... because that's just who I am. I am offering my first piece of Haberdashery jewelry. I hope you like it.

The bias tape is from 1969 used here as a ribbon to thread the copper buttons that were on an old vest that Gran no longer wore and some love knot beads made from edging cord from 1972. The focal was a lamp pull that I added some chain tassel to using 22g copper wire to add the chain and hang the bauble. The clasp, zebra red copper 14g wire.

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  1. Even though the necklace was made with vintage items, it looks very modern! There is some symbolism in using buttons and love knots together :) I love the creativity behind the use of the lamp pull!

    1. Why thank you very much! this is the very first time EVER for me to make jewelry, outside of macaroni necklaces as a kid, that wasn't with at least some traditional component. Mixed media - sure, but totally and utterly nothing considered traditional, never... it was fun!

  2. That is a great piece! Those colors are very retro and fitting with this Haby theme! Oh, I used to love my Gram's notion box, filled with all sorts of sewing brought back lots of great memories!..thank you!

  3. I LOVE that you know what each component came from, and even the year! It's a great necklace and definitely a tribute to your thrifty Gran!

  4. SO sweet. My late grandmother was a tailor and quilter, which is where I got my button love from!