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Monday, September 3, 2012

"I Have a Dream", Rev Martin Luther King Jr- Challenge

I am sharing this because people wanted to know more about the backstory of this piece - here it is...

This brooch will eventually become the center of a more in depth collar. It was the result of a monthly challenge of a The theme was inspired by the speech of  Reverend Martin Luther King that gave us the popular quote, "I have a dream..."  I had contemplated the theme and came up with this...

I chose woman because she is nurturing and bears life... she is holding up the earth and represented are some of the main ideologies and religions of the earth. My dream is for the peoples of the world to love and focus on life... for people to look past their differences and see their similarities... to be able to realize tolerance, acceptance, and respect for one another... to love.

My free hand still needs work, but here it is for what it is. Thank-you Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr for making us think and bringing accountability to thoughts and deeds back to the individual who can, if they desire - make a difference.

Hope you all like it... I stretched myself on this one in style, media, and time. I completely used remnant materials(except for my NYMO thread) to accomplish this piece. I truly flew from the seat of my pants... the theme enticed me. Thanks
Nicole, for constantly giving us a platform to challenge ourselves and each other.

Blessings to all,
- Jami


  1. Awesome, Jami. You did an amazing job on this one.

  2. Thanks darlin' - that means a lot coming from you :)

  3. Can not wait to see the full collar when finished.. I do love this. Your bead work is amazing.

    1. Thanks for the high compliments... I am just having fun every step of the way.