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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Entertaining Thoughts... For Sport or Refinement?

Don't run after ideas. Save and nourish them, and you will have all you should entertain. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love quotes - especially ones that truly make me think. I am a thinker,  a contemplative soul by nature - to a fault. My husband always says I think too much. I can't seem to shut it off. I don't obsess over things, I ponder them, let them go in several directions, and watch them unfold. It is good to have several scenarios, in my opinion.

There are brain exercises or puzzles that require you to stretch the brain and see things in multiple ways. I love things like that. I think of these things as sport. There is also learning and exposing yourself to different schools of thought - broadening horizons, if you will. These things would fall under the refinement category. I enjoy these activities as well.

What type of thinker are you? Do you tend to always want to learn, play, or a combination of both perhaps? I love the above quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, it makes me think, ponder really, about what I fill my head with - how I feed my thoughts. Am I wasting my time, my thoughts, or am I bettering myself and those around me with the influence of what bounces around in my head?

I personally think moderation is always key, so I will play and spend some of my thought power on sport. I do however hope that I spend more time entertaining thoughts for refinement. Nourishing positive and proactive thoughts that encourage growth and betterment, seems to be the path of mastery and abundance. Ultimately, I would love to say I use my brain in a perfect balance.... I don't, yet.

I have learned not to dwell on thoughts that get me nowhere, that don't move me forward, though I still get stuck sometimes. In entertainment, I choose things that will improve my abilities. I do hope I  can achieve this balance of thought one day. When I do, I believe I will have all that I need.

If you think it, you can dream it... If you dream it, it can come to pass... If it can come to pass, you can achieve it...

Go think, dream, achieve... be good to yourself!

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