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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Artist Spotlight - Lennis Carrier

Our spotlight this week is focused on a unique individual I am proud to call friend. Her name is Lennis Carrier aka Windbent. Lennis is genuine in her dealings and in her art. As a rule - there is no rule with her mixed media, reclaimed/repurpose, vintage feel. Lennis creates and recreates beautiful wearable art. I must mention that she is an established polymer clay artist. She has a following for her artisan beads and components.

I actually own a couple of the birdhouses in the back and a pair of red birds and bluebirds... the picture does not do justice to the work...
I came to know Lennis through some online groups and have loved every minute of interacting with her. She is as true as the day is long. Don't find people who are free to be themselves and make no apologies for it much anymore. I love this about Lennis. I believe the first encounter was through Bead Soup Cafe we both have been Bead Soup Blog Hop participants. I also found her over at another facebook group BeadSwapUSA for those that that belong to the site.

Both are fun interactive groups. Between swapping beads and bead soups, creating projects, and getting to know other like-minded people - they are definitely wonderful groups to be members of. It is a place to find your own inner artist and share with others. I found a wonderful friend and artist in Lennis because of these memberships and would be remiss not to mention them.
She has an etsy shop and facebook page you really must see. I enjoy her whimsy and freedom to create what she feels. She for the most part makes one of a kind (OOAK) creations - she does however make batches in the sake of prudence, even at that each piece still has it's own individuality and is touched by the hand of this artist. 
I am the proud owner of this piece!
I personally find myself drawn to her unabashed sense of self as it is revealed in her work. She has an uncanny way of joining past, present, and future trending in her designs. When she completes a piece you can't see it done any other way. This is talent.



  1. Sneaky ninja blogger!! I had no idea you were going to write about me. Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate that you like what I do and honored to be featured.

    1. Glad it was a welcomed surprise. You and your work need to be celebrated :)

  2. Replies
    1. Lennis *is* awesome! I'm also glad to have met her from the Bead Swap group. You rock

  3. Go Lennis!!! (And you should see the penguins she made - they're fantastic - and all mine!)

    1. I know Sherri... you shark, you - can't wait to see what you do with those penguins! :)