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Thursday, April 10, 2014

BSBP-8, Soup’s On Again!

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things and Bead Soup Café is again our gracious host. Many more have joined the thralls and will join in on excitement, fun and loads of creativity! I have wondered if Lori had any clue, just how large this annual event would become in the beading world when she brought it to fruition. At any rate, I owe her a lot. I have gained much more from Bead Soup Blog Parties and friendships formed, than I will ever be able to contribute.

What is a bead soup you may ask? Fair question, we are not born knowing these things. They are instead shared and imparted to one another with love and the joy of celebrating the creativity of others and ourselves. A bead soup generally consists of a focal piece, some accent beads, a decorative clasp, and whatever else the maker of the soup throws in the pot, so to speak.

Here is what my partner the lovely Janeen Sorenson of Wild Vanilla Designs sent me...

Participants are paired and they put together a soup for their partners. We then ship beads to each other. When the beads our partners send arrive we add some ingredients from our own stashes and complete the soup. All of the participants share about the experience from beginning to end on their blogs. We won’t reveal our masterpieces, until our reveal date, May 3, 2014. This will be the time to peruse and blog hop, the other half of the big party – so all can see the many wonderful things that were created from the humble soups shared by all of the talented participants.

There has been exponential growth yearly, as the talk and excitement this event spreads through the beading community. Lori even wrote a book entitled Bead Soup and Kalmbach Jewelry Books hosted Bead Soup Contest in honor of the book’s launching.

Just think, a bowl full of beads, the odd ones from a strand that wasn’t fully used, or perhaps weren’t uniform in size… small pieces of chain, sari silk, the possibilities begin to grow as the bowl fills. Old cast-offs begin to look different and new in their surroundings. What pieces will become a soup that becomes a sensational dish. Stay tuned and join in on the blog hopping so you can find out.

Here is what I sent to Janeen. I can’t wait to see what she does with the ingredients!

I'll keep you posted, watch for more...


  1. I love the clasp you created! It's beautiful. And I'm so excited to see a little Toltec Jewels mix in your soup for Janeen. What an honor and compliment! Thank you. The bead mix you received looks gorgeous to work with. Can't wait to see what you both make! Happy Beading!

    1. Thanks darlin'! It just seemed fitting and the colors and components just seemed to want to go play at Janeen's house, so I sent them on to play. I bought them because it was love at first sightand I could see them in a beautiful piece. I picked them and because they were beautiful and called to me. I shared them because it seemed the right thing to do. Thanks for allowing me to get them home :) I loved them well while they were here.

  2. Beautiful soup Jami, love the colors!

    1. Thanks Cory! I love both soups. Like you, Janeen is a good match and partner. I need to come by and see what's new at Teal Water Designs... Hugs <3