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Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 2 of 31 - Setting the Tone

Today I wanted to just briefly share how my day was a simple put it out there get it back kind of day. It was actually amazingly wonderful! If only all days could go so well.

I woke up and decided to wish a friend a Magnificently Marvelous Monday and claimed the same blessing for myself, why not, right? 

So I went about my day being kind and polite, not too unusual... and others were actually being kind and polite to me too - that was kind of unusual. I went with it, gladly and gratefully, passing on more blessings!

My work seemed to go on better today without too much hassle too. Deals and bargains just came my way, and things that weren't supposed to ship for another week are now shipping this week now making my work able to get done sooner. Orders coming in, supplies to answer need, work space becoming available to handle the load, etc. this is how the day progressed.

Maybe it had nothing to do with my putting positive thoughts and energy into the universe first thing and continually throughout the day, but I would like to believe it did. Like maybe it just fed itself and grew, the nature of the beast kind of thing. Love and kindness begetting more of the same.

If only more days could go this way with more of us having days like this. Imagine it... Say thousands of us having stellar days like this and then improving days for others and then their days improving as well. It would just keep growing and cycling. 

Okay well I had my Magnificent Marvelous Monday. Dare I hope for a Terrific Tuesday?

Be good to yourselves.