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Friday, July 6, 2012

A work in progress...

I am working on ornament covers. I have seed beads and crystals that needed to become something, so here they are, becoming as I create. I have been seeing these ornaments in Bead & Button Magazine for a few months now. I see them and think, "I can do that!" Well, my beads were calling me and the idea taunting me, so I had to try at least one... This is my journey with the project.

Round 1
Here is the first round on my beading mat with some of the rounds, rondelles, faceted rounds, and triangle seed beads chosen for the project.

Round 2

I decided I needed a form to prevent tangling.



The beginnings of the collar and the collar prepped to join to the body.

I decided to use a funnel to somewhat keep desired shape and prevent a mess or damage to the project.

The funnel worked quite well for this step. I was able to keep track of my progress with no fumbling and could see results too. I only wish it didn't have the  grab tab on it, it did snag once in awhile. Next time, if a funnel is used, it won't have a tab or handle... anywhere.


Finishing up this step, I was hoping for something more rounded and taller. I still have fringe to add... will see what I have. My huband likes them for lamp shades instead of ornament bulbs, lol! The shape of the funnel aided in that perception of the project at this stage.


                                      I placed the funnel on a 16-oz bottle for height.

I removed the funnel once I got a decent amount of fringe on - I switched to a taller 1-liter bottle besides.

My hubby thinks I should use this one to adorn a lamp. With the shape of the funnel it does look like these could make decent lamp shade ornaments.

So, if anyone would like to know step by step how this is done feel free to contact me, I'll be glad to help.

Happy Beading!

 - Jami


  1. When I do my ornaments I remove the bottom of a large Styrofoam coffee cup & the I place the ornament I am putting the cover on into the bottom of the cup with the wide part of the cup on the table. Part of the ornament will be inside but most of it is outside. The cup is a cradle & the ornament can be turned as needed to be viewed or worked on. Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Becky - I like that idea! Makes it easier to make and then store. I will try that with my next one.