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Monday, July 2, 2012

Beads... They Are A-Comin'... Bead Soup - Yummy!

The Bead Soup Blog Party(BSBP) is well on its way. Today was the day beads should have been sent out, especially for the beaders in the first reveal. Excitement is in the air and anticipation of the possibilites simmering in our Bead Soups... a focal bead or pendant, some complimentary beads and a closure all picked by another, specifically for us.

For those of us in the first reveal on 7/28, we are getting antsy as we await the beads to begin our creations with what our partners selected for us. We also are anticipating the responses to what we've selected for them and what delicious creations they will conjure up.

It is a challange and honor to stretch our limits and work out of comfort zones. With the bead soups we may work with elements we are not used to working with. We may push others to do the same. There is no pressure, unless time frames stress you out, only creativity, encouragement, and inspiration from the other BSBP participants. I also know and value the same support from friends, family, and internet buddies.

After the reveal we will be hopping from blog to blog to see the creations of other party goers. We will share our comments and learn from one another... nothing better than common growth. It is good to know that though we will be on many different levels of skill, we will help each other and cheer each other on, then celebrate one another's successes.

I will share it all with you as it unfolds and share pictures as I can.

Happy Beading All!
 - Jami

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