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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bead Soup by Lori Anderson - Book Review

I am honored to be sharing Bead Soup with you. This book is must have for any beader, at any skill level or anyone who admires and appreciates artisan jewelry. Each two-three page spread is pleasantly full of wonderful soups. Each soup, features its own recipe, helpful hints and grocery list - on recipe cards and notes, so cute and fitting. Each artist shares their journey from picking a soup for their partner to receiving their own and the process of creating the masterpieces you will feast your eyes upon, as you delve into the book. You will want to read it cover to cover; finding yourself wanting to do the projects and feeling yourself connected to the artists and their works.

I love the way the book breaks it all down. Lori explains the different methods and it truly is like making a variety of soups. I will liken it to the differences between a broth base, a cream soup, a bisque, or a stew - all have their places in the arena of dining. Lori uses the terms Leftover Bead, Focal, Color Palette, and Random Purchase Methods. You will have to buy the book to get more details about these methods of bead soup creating(hint, hint). You will want to buy the book anyway. You won't want to miss any of the artist bios, the gallery, or the wonderful feeling of being at home.


The  Bead Soup Book  is written in the spirit of the Bead Soup Blog Party(BSBP) and allows the reader to catch a glimpse of the challenges, triumphs, growth, camaraderie, and the experience of it all. Just like an online BSBP this book has its participants paired off with partners, they swap soups, create, and then share their experiences.  

This book has been a treat and is just a small reflection of the immensity of what the Bead Soup Blog Party events and the impact they still have, have come to be. If you want to join in on the fun and learn more about what Bead Soup and Blog Hopping is all about - check out Lori's Blog
or join the Bead Soup Cafe facebook group.

In the spirit of the book, the event it mirrors, and Lori's generous nature; I am offering a tutorial from the book... Zack's Watercress Soup! This offering is being made with Lori Anderson's knowledge and given with her compliments.

How do you win? I will be hosting a blog essay contest. Topic? How beading/jewelry design has changed your life. All you need to do is blog about the topic and share the link in the comments to this blog. Share your blog everywhere you can... New to blogging or not, writing more and sharing more is always a good thing ;) I will announce the winner next week... Good Luck!

I create to live and Live to Create...
Show the world you care - create with love... Bead Happy!


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