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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday, Over the Hump Project Reveal

Today I am posting the results of a fun and enlightening Bead Soup I just had the pleasure to take part in. It's name says it all. It is the "2nd Hand, Bead Soup - Finished Item- Swap".
The point of this swap was that we were to obtain items within a certain dollar amount and present that soup to our partners. We then were to create a piece of jewelry with what was sent us and some of our own stash. I should mention we have never met and know nothing about each other, aside what we dug up through researching shared forum profiles, etc.
After completion of these pieces we were to send them back to our partner, neither knowing how the other would use the items we selected and what they would make especially for us. On the other side of the coin we were trying to take the materials sent us to make wearable pieces that hopefully would appeal to the taste of our partner. The heat was on...
Here is what I found at the 2nd Hand Store for Vicky to play with...

 Here is what Vicky found for me to play with from her resource...

 Drum roll please..........................................................

What Vicky created is completely amazing! I just got it yesterday and wore it yesterday until bed time and all day today - LOVE it!

What I made for Vicky, is a bit more casual... but here it is...

So, that was fun... and yes, I would totally do it again. Bead soups are absolutely wonderful. If you would like the chance to participate in events such as these check out these sites...
Bead Swap USA - Home of the Traveling Bead Box and its companion facebook page, brain child of Nicole Weltch. Nicole has been in the world of beading and jewelry design for sometime. She saw a need and answered that need by getting like minded people together with the mission of revitalizing our bead and component stashes by trading/swapping with each other so that we all end up with quality beads to replace the ones we pass on. This eliminates spending enormous amounts of money and having stuff in our stashes that would sit there and not be used by anyone. Now we get beads we will use and what we won't is passed onto someone who will - WIN-WIN!
This is how the traveling bead box system works.  The box is filled with beads and travels to one location. The first recipient then goes through takes what they would like and replaces those beads with some from her stash that she decides she will no longer use of the same quality and value. After this the box is sent onto the next participant. There are several boxes for different types, tastes and styles. For example, seed bead box, glass bead only box, metal beads, etc. This is where I was able to sign up for the 2nd Hand Soup - Finished Item Swap.
I love the challenges and friendships I am making. Whether you are a novice or an expert, if you are ready for more - come join us. Check out the links and sign up!

Make the world a better place, create something beautiful, with love and purpose giving freely of yourself...
What are you waiting for? Go create!


  1. Love this post! And beautiful work with the bead soup swap! :)

    1. Thanks Andrea! Writing about making jewelry is almost as thrilling as making it ;) Having the best of both - priceless...

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, we had fun and it is a stretch to take in soups that are the best of the best 2nd Hand finds. I think we both chose well. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Thanks! I believe Vicky and I equally enjoyed the swap... it really was a fun challenge.

  4. Kerri Medlock DabneyDecember 3, 2012 at 10:14 PM

    This was wrote so eloquently with the pictures to go with explains so much I did not understand before. Thank you Jami.

    1. Kerri, thank you for your kind words. You are welcome, glad I could help. It is pleasing work.